Tamara Support Team


Support Team

We are happy to welcome Tamara to our quest services support team. Her cheerful personality and radiant smile warmly greets your arrival. Tamara enjoys providing each of our guests with the attention and care needed to ensure an outstanding experience. From efficient check-in, to making future appointments, as well as providing a warm neck wrap, to a refreshing beverage, Tamara’s goal is to help you de-stress and feel pampered. This is your time to relax, refresh and rejuvenate.


  • Degree in Business Administration

What You May Not Know About Tamara:

Tamara loves family time with her husband and daughter, whether it is shopping, family trips or enjoying a special date night. A self-proclaimed “foodie”, Tamara enjoys trying a variety of different kinds of foods and restaurants.

Words to Live By:

Honestly, just be happy with yourself and do your best in all you do.