Jamie Stylist, Level 2

Jamie is thrilled to be finally living her dream as a stylist at Future Concepts Studio + Spa. With a former career in hospitality, hotel management, customer service and retail, Jamie has exceptional skills in working with people and providing outstanding customer service in everything she does. Beauty and personal care services have always been a passion for Jamie. Taking the step to leave her career to pursue her passion, took great determination and belief in her self. Now, as a licensed cosmetologist, Jamie has the opportunity to blend all of her talents.

Jamie loves having the opportunity to make a difference in her guests’ lives. She has discovered that enhancing a guest’s external beauty with a new or refreshed look, evokes an internal excitement of feeling special. “Helping people feel good about themselves is one of my greatest joys,” smiles Jamie.


Licensed Cosmetologist - Southeast Technical College

What You May Not Know About Jamie:

Jamie has always enjoyed the beauty industry and likes to research and learn about new techniques and products. In addition, Jamie has a genuine passion for animals and is an advocate for those in need.

Words to Live By:

“It’s always the darkest just before the dawn.”

- Author unknown -